Change of Name and New Website

Hi all,

Back in March 2018 Sweet Stitch Design took over from Embroidery Tree with a brand new name as well as a fresh look new website. Hundreds of new designs have been added and we hope you will find it fun and relaxing looking around.

The new website partners up with our Etsy store of the same name - you can find us here -

We also work in conjunction with Rosieday Embroidery so you will be able to find your favourite designs over there as well.

Follow us on Facebook too to keep up with what's new -

As usual we offer the same great service and excellent products so thank you for being our greatly valued customers and we look forward to providing you with sweet designs that will continue to delight you.

Here are a few of our latest ones.



Baby Birth Announcement Templates

Baby Birth Announcement Templates

There has been a lot of excitement since the announcement on Facebook back in April that we now stock Baby Birth Announcements. 

These beautiful keepsakes are wonderful stitched onto almost everything including cubbies, blankets, quilts, sheets, pillowslips, clothes, play mats - anything you like. And for the special little baby in your life we have lots of cute designs and styles to choose from.

They are available in either template form where you can add your own baby information or customised where we digitise the baby's details in for you. 

All baby announcements are supplied in 3 sizes - 4"x4", 5"x7", 6"x10" and available in all popular machine formats. Easy and fun to stitch they make a perfect gift.

Below are a few design examples but to view them all please click on either of these links:




Sale! And New Designs

We are having a sale at Embroidery Tree - 30% off all orders until the 30th September 2016.

There's been a lot of new designs added and there are still more to come. Applique designs and cute children's designs feature this week.



New Easter Designs

New Easter Designs

Easter Machine Embroidery Designs

Well with Easter almost upon us it’s time to start thinking of our Easter projects. To help you along 2 sets of 6 gorgeous Easter machine embroidery designs have been digitized and are now available.

The sets are called Fabulous Easter Eggs – Set 1 and Set 2. These designs are all multi-coloured linework and are so pretty. I have basically used pastels or light colours in these designs but they would look absolutely gorgeous in bright colours as well. I would like to see an Easter tablecloth or placemats all decorated with these or even the front of a T-shirt.

There are jump stitches of course being the nature of the designs but these have been kept to a minimum.

Size: Each design fits a 5″x7″ hoop and the stitch count varies with the range being between 8600 and 16200.

Please have fun with these designs and send photos of your projects – I would love to see them

Happy Easter and happy sewing.

Jan – Embroidery Tree

The beautiful artwork is by

This Week's New Design Sets

This week sees 2 new design sets on the website. Something for little girls mostly. A really sweet set of designs called 'All Things Cute' and another beautiful set called 'Lovely Butterflies".

The 'All Things Cute' set consists of rainbows, hearts, butterflies and is very pink and pretty. There are 12 designs in the set and they all fit the 4"x4" hoop except for one which will need a 5"x7" hoop.

The 'Lovely Butterflies' set is full of butterflies and flowers and there are 11 designs in the full set. Again they all fit the 4"x4" hoop except for one which will need a 5"x7" hoop.

I'm sure you will love these designs as will your favourite little girl.

Enjoy :)

Jan - Embroidery Tree





Sunbonnet Baby Blocks

These were a pleasure to digitize, so pretty and sweet. 11 gorgeous designs in this set which consists of 10 block designs and a border design which is also supplied separately so you can use it on other projects if you wish. The block designs are line work and multi-coloured and stitch out beautifully. Of course there are some jump stitches and trims which are unavoidable with multi-coloured linework but these have been kept to a minimum.

We hope you enjoy these designs and make something really wonderful for a special baby.

Happy sewing.

Embroidery Tree Team

Today's New Set

Hi all,

A new set of designs was uploaded today. Transportation Applique - a set of 10 applique designs featuring trains, planes and automobiles - oh yes, there's a rocket in there as well. All very suitable for little boys - they will love them.

These designs are super easy to sew out - only take a few minutes and are so bright and colourful.

To view them all please click here.

Jan - Embroidery Tree

Transportation Applique

Latest Offerings

Hi everyone

A lot has been going on behind the scenes at Embroidery Tree. Not much action on the website though until now. In the last couple of days 7 new sets have been added. Click on the links to view the full sets.

  1. Fuzzy Bears - 10 old fashioned fuzzy bears
  2. Sweet Little Lions - 1 applique lion babies in 2 sets of 5
  3. Roly Poly Sewing Mice - 10 busy little linework mice
  4. Love Birds - 11 sweet little love birds all set for Valentine's day
  5. Valentine Bears - 6 gorgeous little bears with hearts and flowers
  6. Les Fleurs Belle Biazze Quilt Blocks - 12 beautiful linework quilt blocks in 2 sets of 6
  7. Valentine Animals - a set of 8 Valentine designs - hearts and flowers as well. 

Fuzzy BearsSweet Little LionsRoly Poly Sewing MiceLove BirdsValentine BearsLes Fleurs Belle Biazze Quilt BlocksValentine Animals


Happy Sewing - Jan, Embroidery Tree

Another Machine Format added

We will now be including the EXP format with our available formats for any new designs - single and full sets.. This will not be added to previous designs but is available if you contact us and request it.

Hope this helps everyone who has been asking for this format to be included.

Happy sewing.

Embroidery Tree

New Designs on Website

Hi all

There are a couple of new design sets on the website - one just new today. This latest set is 9 cute little baby turtles in different poses and the full set includes a bonus design. They will all fit in a 4"x4" hoop but are smaller somewhere between 2'' and 3'' approximately. To view them all click here.

The other set was added a few days ago and I absolutelylove it. 10 really pretty little Sun Bonnet Girls enjoying the sunshine. I've put them up as 5 sets of 2 girls each and their little dresses are beautiful so be sure to check them out - here is a link to Set 1.

Have a great day and happy sewing.

Embroidery Tree